see further.
Go higher.

creating an edge for leaders in education.



• Leadership Mentoring

• Development Resources

• Communications Concierge

Helen Moore Consulting offers bespoke services for the Australian education sector specialising in personalised leadership mentoring, ready-made development resources and communications concierge.

Helen brings to the table a lifetime of over 40 years of wisdom, experience and expertise in education and leadership.

“Over the span of my career in education I have observed a consistent need in the areas of mentoring, resources and communication.

A busy leader wanting to create an edge and make an impact, needs access to these elements quickly and on demand, with the facility to customise them as their own”. Helen Moore

Be guided with wisdom, experience and expertise to achieve your career goals.


• Exclusive access to 40+ years of education experience and expertise
• Goal-driven sessions tailored to your personal career pathway
• Flexible session times that work in and around your schedule
• Meet face to face (Brisbane) or virtual

Access ready-made professional development material to inspire and engage.


Single, Term or Semester Resource Packs tailored for:
• Individual Leadership Development
• Professional Development for Teams
• Christian Faith and Spiritual Inspiration

Achieve communications
excellence with
on-demand assistance
and expert editing.


On-demand assistance for all your communication needs:
• Proofreading for accuracy
• Editing for clarity and cohesion
• Checking for courtesy, tact, sensitivity and tone
• Writing and rewriting material for specific purpose


I have always loved a view: to be able to see further, to take in the bigger picture. A cityscape, the distant mountains, or even the rolling hills of Tuscany, anywhere the eye is not limited to the immediate. To see further and ponder greater, higher things.

Opening the mind to wider possibilities gives a higher purpose, a larger WHY to what you as an educator believe you are contributing to the lives of your students, staff and the common good.

The big picture will enable you to aim higher and achieve greater outcomes for yourself, your team, your workplace and your community.

This view has driven my career.
You can apply the same view to yours.


Thank you for taking time to learn more about Helen Moore Consulting. From experience, I know prioritising your professional development competes with many other things. This is the very reason I have created Helen Moore Consulting.

After leading a Secondary School of 700 students and 100 staff for the past 22 years, I felt strongly to pursue my passion to share my knowledge with the next generation of teacher leaders.

I have observed an essential need for personalised leadership mentoring, high-quality resources and excellence in all communications, a non-negotiable expectation for educational institutions.

In both my teaching (English, French and Modern History specialist) and my various leadership roles, I have always focussed on the big picture:

• What are the long-lasting life lessons your students have learned, long after assessment results are published?

• What is the greatest purpose of leading to achieve great things in your students, your schools and in you?

• How do you move your people from the status quo to excellence?

My experience will help yours.


see further.
go higher.


I’d love the opportunity to work with you. Email me directly HERE or complete the enquiry form below.